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Payment methods

All transactions will be processed in South African Rands (ZAR).


We endeavour to offer you competitive prices on current products; you're total order price will include the price of the purchase plus any applicable sales tax and shipping charges (on the day of shipping).


We reserve the right to change pricing at any time without prior notice.


Should we reduce our pricing on any shipped products within 10 working days of shipment, you may contact us and request a refund of the difference between the price you were charged and the reduced selling price. To receive the refund you must contact us within 14 days of shipment.


Credit Card


We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. If you do not have a credit card please utilise one of the other payment options, or simply log off and return to the site at a later time to complete your order. All of your order details will be saved online under in the Your Account section available for use whenever you’re ready! Sorry for the inconvenience.


EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)


One of the most widely used ways of sending money online. Once you have added enough items to your shopping cart, proceed to “Checkout” and follow the order processing instructions. Select the option to pay via EFT. You will then have to load us as a beneficiary on your internet banking and use the unique order number in the reference line for your payment. This should ensure speedy processing and delivery of your selected products.





Banking Details:


Bling Creations


Bank                             : FNB


Branch Name : Raisethorpe


Branch No.               : 250655


Account Name          : Hbz bank


Account No.             : 62340582742


Account Type            : Cheque


Ref : Order Number





EFT'S ONLY - IF CASH deposited, R30 will be charged for every R1000 deposited


Direct Deposit


You may pay for your products through a direct deposit. It’s exactly the same as doing an EFT payment, except you’ll have to go into your bank and physically make your direct deposit there. Please fax through your deposit slip to us on (011) 555-5555, or email your deposit slip to [email protected] to ensure your payment is confirmed and order shipped as quickly as possible.


Banking Details:


Bank                             : Absa Bank


Branch No.               : 632005


Account Name          : Hbz bank


Account No.             : 4074175102


Account Type            : Cheque


Ref : 13901204035










For more information about how to order, special order requirements and other payment options, please contact our Support Team on +27 (0) 33 38 72411 or email [email protected]